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Subyshare has become one of the most generous file storage service providers on the web, with tons of storage available for you to upload files. This is an important feature to keep in mind as many other file storage providers on the market incorrectly will be happy to give you more than 1 or 2GB. Then again, this means this site is perfect because there are a few details worth noting.

Up to 4TB of storage
Let the kid not be here. When it comes to the size of modern files, it’s not uncommon to watch movies or other media files up to 50GB in size. This has exceeded the limits of most other file hosting services. Thankfully, you have overcome that problem with Subyshare. With a maximum file storage size of 4TB for Premium users, you will definitely get a lot for your trouble.

Uploading and downloading very quickly
When it comes to file storage, the speed with which you can upload or receive files from the server can create or disrupt the service provider’s reputation. With Subyshare, you’re watching the blazing fast download speeds that can make large files even easier to wait. This solves many of the problems people often have to deal with, especially when taking high quality movies. Enjoy all the premium features by purchasing the SubyShare Premium Key on the SubyShare PayPal Reseller.


Because we are SubyShare Retailer – Professional authorized reseller. We are using 256-bit encryption in secure SSL on all pages and 1-click payments to make our customers feel comfortable. Of course, fast delivery is an important feature we offer.

What are the advantages of SubyShare Premium?

Service Features Free Registered Premium
Storage space 5000 GB Temporarily Starting at 1000 GB PRE + 4TB Temporarily
Download volume per day 2 GB in 1 days 2 GB in 1 days 40 GB in 1 days
Purchase More download Bandwidth
Max upload file size 100 Mb 5120 Mb 20480 Mb
Download Speed 130 KB/s 130 KB/s 7-15MB/s
When are your files deleted? 1 days after last download 30 days after last download 180 days after last download
Wait time 60 seconds 60 seconds
Solve Captcha on download