MLDO-179 Discipline Cage Room of 2 Male Slave, 1 Female Slave and Golden Slave for Toilet Bowl

Once again, today, Mistress Minami is striving to train her slaves in the Discipline Chamber to mold them into becoming faithful and disciplined slaves. Regardless of gender, Mistress Minami whips the slaves equally harsh and clips their nipples to an electric charge. For the male slaves, Mistress Minami makes them sit on a triangular wooden horse to rip up their ass and balls. She continues to torture them by widening their asses with a strap-on and sits on their faces after feeding them regurgitated food. For the toilet exclusive slaves, Mistress Minami makes them consume both Brown shower and golden shower. She will also spread the brown shower all over their bodies, scoop it in their mouth and sit on their faces. The female slave is stripped completely nude, hung upside-down with her pussy and ass stuffed with dildos to make her cum multiple times. In the end, Mistress Minami remolds the female slave into a sadomasochist and orders her to whip the male slaves really

MLDO-179 -part 1.mp4 – 1.7 GB
MLDO-179-part2.mp4 – 898.9 MB
MLDO-179-part3.mp4 – 601.6 MB


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