FF-494 A few farting games between school girls and office ladies! It’s a filthy paradise after they are trying too hard. VOL. 3

School girls and office ladies scatter sparks and engage in a serious battle! They are gathered without being informed of anything, and after exchanging awkward greetings with each other for the first time, the purpose is conveyed. This time, we had them compete for the number of flatulences. I’m confused that it won’t come out soon, but it seems that I’m not giving up either by massaging the lower abdomen or drinking carbonated water! The anus became lively and made an explosive sound one after another. Perhaps it’s because of too much effort and too much force, someday there will be filth stains on the pants … Also, some girls will spray like a sprayer from the anus! Please watch the confrontation with a lot of “shame” that you can smell until the end.

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